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Just another vote on this topic.  I was recently given 4 birds: 1 SLW roo, 1 SLW hen, 1 RIR roo, 1 RIR hen.  The owners couldn't keep them so I gave them a home at my neighbor's place, who has a lot of experience with chickens.  The two hens are sweet, but they cower all the time & barely make a peep.  We were told that the Red roo has a major appetite for mating with anything it can mount.  It's the larger of the two roos, so the SLW plays second fiddle around him.  We walked the SLW roo a few houses down to another pen with a loose game hen so he could be his own boss.  Well, just today I got a call that he was wandering into the neighbors yard and attacked her.  She had recently told us that they (the roos) weren't a problem & that she liked to feed them, but something must have triggered the SLW.  Now we have to catch him and either take him somewhere else or sentence him to the smoker.  I won't be getting any more Wyandottes any time soon, if ever.