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Here are their feet


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Looks like Houdan to me!

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Originally Posted by Gingersnap722 View Post

Looks like Houdan to me!

I'll take Houdan over some feed store inbred toe mutation. My daughter will love the crazy head feathers for sure!

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They are starting to look very "punk rock"



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A Mottled Houdan chick hatching day 15 :jumpy






There is always one that has to see what is on the other side :jumpy




I cant wait to see the rest of them to hatch :highfive:

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Hatching 1st April no joke :lau :jumpy :jumpy 

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Hello everyone. I am just curious of the outcome I would have. I currently have mottled houdan hens full grown but basically Bantam sized. I have them in a pen with a frizzled Bantam cochin rooster. I thought that the outcome would be the feathers of the cochin bit mottled I correct or way off?? Thank you
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