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My Euskal Oiloak Love these!


I can't leave it in with them for long though, they will absolutely destroy it, staying with it until it is gone... They're worse than my Black Lab with a rawhide bone, LOL.

Have you noticed if their droppings are easier to manage and less smelly while they're supplemented with the babycake?

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Sorry, I didn't pay attention. I only supplemented them while they were in the brooder box, to keep them occupied.

I had the chicks on 24% so they smelled pretty diapery.

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Hi!  I have 12 day old laying hens and gave them their first Baby Cakes at 10 days old.  It's now gone!  They love it!  I hung inside the temporary home in the garage until their coop is finished and found that it smells like some kind of warm cookie right out of the oven.  :)   They can't get enough of it and I talked to a man who works at Tractor Supply where I purchased my Baby Cakes and he said they are a good source of nutrition for growing chicks.  It is soft, especially if you hang it near the heat lamp which warms it up and the sweet aroma fills the garage, the chicks can easily pick at it and eat it with no problems.  I say try one see if they like it.  Depending on the number of chicks you have (I currently have 22), if they like it, you will find nothing but an empty black plastic stick at the end of the string!


Good Luck!  It never hurts to try.  If they don't like it, their are plenty of homemade recipes on-line for treats for chicks of all ages.

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My chicks loved their baby cake but couldn't figure out how to eat it. I scraped it off the stick and they ate it like it was candy.
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