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My chickens' favorite treat is raisins.  Even the girls at the bottom of the pecking order fight for them.  Scrambled eggs and dried meal worms are also high on the list.

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Our chickens love veggies, grass clippings, shredded carrots (for good eye site, ha ha) watermelon and probably any other melon, pumpkins cut in half a whole cabbage, mice & worms, alfalfa, spinach, apples shredded cheese, bread, tortillas, canned corn, NO onions, citrus. 

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My chickens LOVE corn. They eat any type like out of a can or even still on the cob. They also like bread and watermelon ,but not as much as corn!

I farm, you eat....
I farm, you eat....
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My girls LOVE!! raisins they go nuts for them, they like grass from my garden and Canary Melon. :jumpy

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Actually ,banana peel isn't a very good idea,for it may get stuck.Also don't give your chickens onion,avocado,asparagus,beans,or peanut butter.:old

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my chickens love mice and worms too!!!:cd

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My hens will do anything for a tomato.

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Raisins. ...hands down! Closely followed by meal worms.
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I give my chickens oodles of noodles twice a week in the winter! They love it. You have got to try this. They also love bread and especially corn bread leftovers.


Fran I AM

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I know this is an old post but it was fun to read! Fresh mealworms are of course our go to snack here at Sunshine Acre but our chickens also love peanuts which is so frustrating because we keep them to feed squirrels. The poor little squirrels come begging for them at the door and then the chickens run in from all directions! We end up just feeding the squirrels before the chickens are let out of the coop in the morning.

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