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ducklover86, please share your grass clipping experiment results when you have them!  I always have oodles of grass clippings. I am a little confused though.  What is the difference between lawn and grass clippings?  Aren't they the same?

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Do you think grass clippings would be ok for ducklings too?

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Oops sorry I should of specified why I use what where lol. I use lawn clippings from the mower for inside my duck pen so to keep from using them up I just use the grass for the brooder. I'm sure ducklings would be fine on grass as that's what they would be on if momma raised them. As long as you provide some sort of grit for them in case they eat it they should be fine on it.

ETA: by grass I mean I go and pick the blades off the stalled. I do it one by one cause that would take forever. I use the stalks too but to keep the mess done a make sure I don't get any roots,
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Wow my ETA on that last post is disastrous. Just for some feedback grass is OK but it gets messy and needs to be changed everyday. But if you like free its not so bad its not possible.
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Has anyone tried. Shredded coconut husk. We used to have a snake and we used to get these solid blocks of shreddedc coconut husk that would expand insanely and pretty instantly when you added water to them. The stuff took no time to dry after adding the water to expand. Snakes kinda have this per /poop ( I call it a schploop) thing very much like ducks, so I wonder if this wouldn't be the best thing? I just know if coconut is safe for ducklings or toxic.?I will do more research and get back to you all!but any input would be appreciated!

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