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《~~ I have a 7 yr chicken. Not sure of the breed, but she dosen't lay eggs anymore as of this year and she seems down right hateful!!!! She bites me runs and jumps at me leaves bruises and draws blood some times. I have thumped her, I have tried holding her. I give her treats. And now that I have put her in the new much bigger coop with my 19 week old Australorps it's worse. Now she will now fight with them at all, she cower in the corner or goes in the house where they won't go.... I need help. Sorry to hi jack you post but I just joined and can't figure out how to post my own questions yet.
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<~~~ These are my Australorps now 19 weeks old.
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Since she is 7 and this is a new behavior, she may not be well.  If she has vision or hearing issues she may be more reactive.

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She has always fluffed up and run at me her whole life. her site is good, She tracks bugs, and comes at me just fine. I have come to the point that she is just a crankie bird who is mad at me for taking her eggs all those years

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I'm dealing with a very pecky ISA brown at the moment. She's the leader of the pack and has become very pecky with me. Any additional tips would help a lot! 

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I'm having this problem too, my hens are just plain mean and make bloody spots on my legs whenever I go into the run, even when I give them treats, which I do every time.  It's making me mad and I've started thumping them, I'm not seeing any solutions here and would love to figure out how to make them stop because it's no fun!  They have a large run and lots to keep them busy and get treats daily.

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Garden peeps
Garden peeps
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