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I do not think that taking DE is beneficial to myself or my chickens. However, I'm playing Devils Advocate here because I think it is important to question what we are told.

On that, at least, we do agree. (and the salt is actually good for you, unlike DE)

I am willing to bet it is not "just like eating beach sand" even though both are supposedly Silica and nothing else. Silica may indeed be the main thing in rocks (sand, which is ground rocks - didn't I read somewhere that rocks have lots of minerals in them? So for whatever you and I know, eating sand could be better! Who knows?) but not the only thing.

And, depending on your personal body chemistry, salt may not good for you at all. In fact, it's been stated many times that we get all we need w/out adding any. Therefore, I also challenge this statement.

Again, I do not believe DE is beneficial to our systems nor do I think it's beneficial to feed it to chickens. But I have yet to see any "scientific studies" that say it's not. Other than those that prove it does not kill any worms. I don't think it's appropriate to completely poo-poo anything condescendingly so and completely until proven otherwise.

It is always good to have an open mind. That applies to both sides of any argument.
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So sorry i am bringing this thread up YEARS later. But it is specifically on what i have been confused about. I have never heard of DE till this list. I have wormed dogs and horses forever. On one side, it is said DE is not effective when wet. Research upholds this fact. But the other side says feed it as wormer. You know it is wet inside gut. Research does not tell me to use as wormer, so i will be buying some other intestinal wormer.
My research goes outside this list. My experience has been, no matter the subject, when i am getting direction from so many people it is often contradicted.

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