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We buy all of chicken feed and dog food at Wilco, good prices too. Love it! Welcome to the area!
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I live in McMinnville, but work in Hillsboro.

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How do you all winterize your coops?  I live in McMinnville and there are only a few times we get some freezing temperatures.  I have a small coop, had to re-home too cockerals so I'm down to 3 Silkies who just started laying eggs this month :weee

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Hey, everyone I am in grants pass, oregon. I am starting my bantam project and am going with bantam Wyandottes. Just asking around to see if anyone has any close to me
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Oh WOW, what a drive. I'm in Aloha

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We put up plastic at the vent holes in the coop. Each hen produces 10 watts of heat that helps them out, not sure if that is all breeds or not, I would hope it would be. At the bottom of the door was a gap so we just stuck a blanket down to block out the cold/wind.

Up at the top of the coop the air vents where left open. So far this has helped, this will be their third fall/winter for seven of the ten.


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What colors of bantam wyandottes do you have meowoui. I sometimes head up that way since my aunt lives in Portland.
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All I know is she is a buff color not real sure what Bantam she is or if she is just a Brahma. 

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Originally Posted by meowoui View Post

All I know is she is a buff color not real sure what Bantam she is or if she is just a Brahma. 
Brahmas will have feathered feet, pea comb and black in the tail. Wyandotte's are clean legged and have a rose comb.
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OK she is not a Wyandotte, nor a Brahma she has feathers on her feet but a regular comb which has always flopped over. Guess she is a mix

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