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I'm in Elkton, Oregon.

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Ii am looking for some Maran laying hens if anyone has some or knows where I can get some. I would sure appreciate that info.

Thanks much

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Hello! I'm in Bend, Oregon (Sunriver to be exact)!

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Good afternoon, my fellow chicken people! We are in the Aloha/Beaverton area. We have five hens and one beautiful rooster.


Sicilian Buttercup

Silver Phoenix

White Ameraucana

Black Sex-link


Mixed breed rooster


We are completely loving them. I am very new to the chicken world!! But my husband grew up with them and he convinced me that we needed them and now we has created a monster! I would love any tips or suggestion in raising these breeds in the Pacific Northwest. We did get our first eggs this from our Phoenix as well.

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Hello Oregon!

We're in South Cooper Mt, an area in the outskirts of Beaverton outside of city limits. 


We just got 12 quail chicks about 6 weeks ago. We had our first egg yesterday! (They grow up much faster than chicks.)


We also have in our very first brooder: 
3 barred rocks

3 buff orps

3 ameraucana (but we got them at wilco and having read some threads here are aware they're more likely Easter eggers)


We're trying to get involved in 4h or start a club. We homeschool and have a 10, 8 and 3 year old who are really interested in learning all about these animals. Tonight we were playing with the chicks and I realized my toddler can identify them by breed already! It's funny to hear her ask to "hold that Barred Rock over there". 


12 Coturnix Quail

3 Barred Rock

3 Buff Orpingtons

3 ee

3 Blue Wyandottes

3 human children


12 Coturnix Quail

3 Barred Rock

3 Buff Orpingtons

3 ee

3 Blue Wyandottes

3 human children

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Well it sounds like you have quite the chicken farm. My suggestion is to keep them safe from the wild critters. Coons, Hawks and Eagles not to mention Skunks love chickens. An enclosed yard and coop will do you best. I buried wire underground so the critters can't dig in then you cover the top also. Other then that chickens are very easy to raise and maintain. So have fun with them and enjoy them fresh eggs I have had chickens for many years myself and enjoy them.

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Just thought I'd share this for the people in or around the Aloha area. We are looking forward to learning some new things.

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Hello everyone. Yesterday was my 1 year chickaversary..I'm on a wait list for some Jersey Giants and looking for true silkies. I bought hatchery silkies and I love them, but no pouf..And who doesn't LOVE the pouf...Hope everyone is having a great day..

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First time chicken owners in Medford,OR. Love my mixed flock of girls! Have 2 Golden Sex Links,2 Black Sex Links,4 Rhode Islands Reds and 5 Buff Orphingtons. Loving the whole chicken experience!
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Newberg, Oregon here:)
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