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Oregon is the best! I'm from Eugene Oregon

Lol, indeed! We came back to oregon last summer (after 13 long years in Indiana) and I am so happy we did.
Where are we going, and why are we in this hand basket?
Where are we going, and why are we in this hand basket?
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Hello! Klamath falls area here.
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Hello, these are for my flock. I'm not selling any pullets right now.

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Hey there! Do you still have blue laced red Wyandotte and silver laced polish pullets availab
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I'm pretty sure 4 out of 5 of these hatchlings are Roos! They will need a new home soon. They are all from Alchemist Farm, 4-5 weeks old right now. Rehoming fee $15. I'm keeping the black copper marans pullet :-)

1 welsummer x cream legbar (sage egger, has a crest!)
1 black legbar x marinas (olive egger, crested)
1 dark blue legbar x marans (olive egger, created)
1 splash marans (purebred! Feathered legs! Hatched out silver!)

Raised on scratch and peck and manna pro chick feed, indoors, will be moved outside into the shed next weekend under a heat lamp until they can withstand oregon spring night!

Local pickup only - Portland, OR. I'm willing to drop off within 1-2 hours of Portland to a good situation.
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Chiming in from the Oregon Coast! Coos Bay to be specific. Proud new owners of 6 Jersey Giant chicks (1 Roo and 5 Hens) and 3 turkeys (1 Broad Breasted White and 2 Bronzies).

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Looking for lavender Orpington lady chicks near Salem Oregon. OM me if you have some
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