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Invision, you've specifically used this type of nipple drinker? with the cup attachment? and it still dripped?!!

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no, just the nipple drinker (original design if you may). I've found that if you seal them they wont work (bucket with lid or bottle upside down.


To me the nipple drinkers are very good, no cleaning involved. But unless kept outside on dirt or something that can drain i do not recommend them for inside enclosures (STINKY). My quail attack the nipple part violently and throw water everywhere. Think for my breeders that will be kept inside shed I will just have a trough that they have to sick their heads through to.

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I also have a small glass water heater I had for a saltwater tank that I will place in the bucket for winter. It's only about six inches long and will set it to 65 degrees.

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yeah I don't think I'm going to consider the original nipple waterers due to leakage. I was just considering between these two:



Space is too tight for the waterers to be 'trough' style.... so these on a vertical pvc will have to do. And since they'll be indoors I'm not too worried about the freezing part. ;) But thanks for the tip with the aquarium heater. I too have saltwater fish so I've got plenty laying around! lol.

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Well they don't leak, its just when the birds hit them they don't always get all the water in their mouths. So some falls on the floor. For outside Perfect, indoors, not so much.

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Mmmm.. Good food for thought. I really don't want the excess water present. Thanks for your input.
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