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Im new to this perticular forum, I have let my Moscovies hatch my chickens eggs, my chickens hatched my Silkie's because those hatches were successful I decided to see if my Silkies and bantum chickens would or could hatch a goose egg including the few of their own eggs. This wild idea only became about when my 10 month old Moscovy hen was sitting on two geese eggs and 5 of her own, eventually 3 of 5 eggs of her own hatched then that left the two geese eggs. I knew she would have to abandon the eggs so I needed another surigate, I thought if only my barn yard chivken were brooding but they weren't although I had one Silkie and one Bantim brooding so put the geese eggs near the brooders to see what I would find later. When I woke up the next morning, I checked in on the hens, it was comical each brooder had three of their own eggs plus one goose egg. Since then it has been about 2 weeks and at least one each of small egg fetus died and one goose egg is going to hatch in the next day or so. Im hoping the hatching process goes well but proves the smallest chicken when brooding will do its best to protect that egg.