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Chickens Losing Bottom Feathers!

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Hi I'm not sure what's going on with two of my chickens (I have 3 total - 2 red sex-links and 1 buff orpington).  The 2 red sex-links are completely bare-bottomed, as if they snuck to the spa for Brazilian waxes.  One of them is missing feathers around her tail as well, a little scabby but no blood.  The buff orpington has all her feathers.  Any ideas?

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You might wnat to have the mods move this to the diseases/injuries section of the forum.

But, it could be picking, or recovery from partial prolapse, or a yeast infection "vent gleet", or any combination of those.

Good luck,


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Thanks I'm such a newbie - I thought I DID post it in the injuries section... have since found the injuries section and found a lot of good info on the problem.  Am hoping to increase protein and run size and hope for the best.

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No problem, it's easy to get browser windows switched around and send things the wrong way anyhow, I certainly do that myself on a regular basis LOL

The "brazilian wax" description particularly makes me think yeast infection, it might be worth treating it presumptively with something for that (use "search", or just go get a tube of generic Monistat or the like and smear it around on the affected skin), doesn't cost much and is safe and might help along with the other measures you describe.

Good luck, ahve fun,


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Hey, we noticed our 8 month old Black Star is also smooth on her underside. No rashes or scabs but she has lost her feathers. Other than that should I be worried?


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