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Specific laws for Louisville Kentucky?

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I've searched the forum and haven't found the answer to my question.  I live in Louisville Kentucky and am about to start raising chickens in my backyard.  I know you are only allowed a certain number of non crowing chickens if you have less than half an acre.  I have over a half acre, how many chickens can I have and do I have to keep them cooped up in a tractor, or can I let them free range in my yard.  I have a 6ft privacy fence along my entire back yard.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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yank, I would get a copy of your local ordinance and see what it says specifically.   Many indicate maximum number of birds allowed, coop requirements, etc.  its the only way to know for sure.  You should be able to contact the county clerks office to find out where to obtain the oridnances if you can't locate it online.

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Ok this is what the site says

All crowing and non-crowing poultry must be kept on tracts or lots of at least half an acre or more. You can have one crowing and five non-crowing birds on less than half an acre.

It still doesn't state if they can free range in my yard... or is that assumed if not stated here?  Here is the link

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Yank, I'm surprised they don't have the actual ordinances listed.  This just seems to be an overview of frequently asked questions.  I tried to find a link to their actual ordinances, but can't locate one.  I would hate to assume anything when it comes to this.  I would think (assume in this case) that if they were contained to your yard then you could free range them.  Chickens may be able to breach a 6 foot fence, so you may want to clip the wings to ensure they can't escape.  (Clip only one wing, not both).   Remember, even in the city there are critters (both wild and domestic) that want to eat your chickens so it may be best to have a secure run and let them free range when you can be present for their safety.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all your help!

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You would think they would make ordinances relatively available for the public!  I can't find any exact verbiage on weather or not I have to keep the chickens cooped in Louisville, Kentucky.

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I live in Louisville and mine free range... I'm sure you found your answer by now
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I too live in Louisville and have 1 acre. At first I was told I was limited and then I found out different so I got it confirmed when I contacted Metro Animal Services. If you have over .5 acre there are no limits and yes the chickens can free range but must be fenced. Here is the contact info.

Adam Hamilton
Animal Control Supervisor
Metro Animal Services

Now does any one know what the rules are for selling eggs? Do you have to wash them before selling or not? What about cartons, new or used? Where do I find this info at?

Love being at the lake!
Love being at the lake!
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