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Moth Balls

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:cafHas anyone every tried to put moth balls around their chicken pen to keep away snakes?  I have heard moth balls will keep snakes away.  I wasn't planning to put them close enough where the chicken could get to them.  Need some advice about this.

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I have used moth balls before for snakes. But around the coop.......Don't think I would do that.

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I heard that was a myth. Here in Tennessee where I live we have tried moth balls and guess what, it does not work. The Snakes we have to deal with here are Copperheads, King snakes, tree snakes, Blue Racers, water snakes, garter snakes and rat snakes dont recall seeing any other kinds.

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Bird netting, from the garden section, sold to keep birds off strawberries, fruit trees, etc.  Just one of the threads on this:

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