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I noticed no one answered your question.  He does look like a roo to me.  He also looks a lot like a marans cross with those feathered legs.  Maybe a black copper marans cross with an ameraucana??

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Thanks for your reply! Yes, he did turn our to be a rooster and had to go. sad.png when I brought him back hatchery they said he was a cross between Ameracauna and a blue Maran. Good call on your part!!!
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That blue rooster up there looks like mine that I was hoping was a hen when I got them at 5 weeks and now there nine weeks and I started thinking he seemed like a roo with his actions and and comb..
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Either way hes not going anywhere.. Just to pretty to let go..I don't have a rooster so will now but I have two of my austrolorp s who are roos so I'll either keep two roo and let go one or keep the one and let go two
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I am puzzled by my two chicks.  They are 9 weeks old with little comb development.  I have a wheaten and a brown and silver girl. ??  My question, when do they start to develop their combs if they are roos?  Rock N Rye (the brown and silver) has a tail and attitude to be a rooster for sure.  No to little comb development.  It seems to be a bit red, but his/her skin is black and doesn't scream red to me.  I will get some picts in today.


I tried the breeder page.  Not much help.


Do I have girls or boys?  Also, the wheaten is totally bow legged.  Is this common in the breed?

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Do you have an pictures you can post of them?  Usually the cockerels will show comb development by 6 weeks - you can look for three rows of "peas" whereas the pullets will only have one row.  I have had very slow maturing cockerels that didn't show comb development until after 11 weeks. You can look for saddle feathers and hackles before then if you suspect the chick is a male.  Also, the males should have thicker legs than the females. 

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Here are my Girls??  They are between 8 and 9 weeks.  I'm 85% sure Rock N Rye (the dark) is a boy.  He's a pain in the butt and I have a hard time catching him.  I was wondering if Marshmallow is a cross breed.  She's super fluffy!  Nice girl!   










P.S. Sorry for the sideways picts.  I swear I fixed them!

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Does that white one have three roles of comb coming on? And it's comb is pretty pink..I would say cockerel on white one ..I can't see straight on to its comb but looks like from side that it's getting three rows of comb
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