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They've been sleeping in their coop ever since they were pullets. But they have just been starting to sleep outside recently. I've also noticed a drop in egg production. I used to be getting 2 or 3 eggs a day and now I only get one! Please any info will appreciated!
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I had the same problem. I kept putting them in the coop until they finally did it on their own. I had one chicken that would peck at the others to keep them off the perch. One kept sleeping on the deep bedding (wood shavings). This happened for a couple of months. Now, she and the others sleep on the same perch every night (3 weeks now).

Just keep putting them in the coop and lock them up. They will eventually settle in. Keep the faith.

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I know. I've been forcing them in there every night, and I've stayed out there until it gets dark, because I have to keep shoving them back in!😬😬😬 The light doesn't seem to be working. But I've noticed that the grass is a bit tall by the coop. Should I cut it just in case something has made a nest there and is freaking them out? I don't want to shut them in there just in case there is a predator in there. Any other suggestions? Thank you all!
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Well, I would empty out their coop and make sure their are no animals in there that shouldn't be in there. Look for any holes or anything that might need sealing up and then when you herd them in at night you can lock them in and they will be safe and probably feel safe. I don't use a light, I honestly swear by natural light by extra windows or the roofing I suggested yesterday. But yes maybe cut the grass and remove anything preventing them from going inside. I didn't catch what area you live in or climate but if after ruling out mites, diet, age, sickness, or state of the coop, is it possible you have something sneaking in and eating egg?in the summer we get a lot of snakes and other things that would eat eggs so I check my coop periodically and at dusk I check on everyone before locking them in. I lock mine up at dusk until dawn for their own safety, we have a lot of coyotes, wolves, the odd black bear, and a cougar in the area.

Chickens tend to be happiest when you let them do what they want, some breeds like to ground nest as well. Is it possible you have a breed that prefers to nest outside?
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I'm not far enough along raising my first flock to have had the same problem yet - mine are only 11 weeks old this Thursday. But when I first transferred them to the coop I left them in the coop for three days before letting them out. And then after I let them out I hung a small battery powered lantern from Wallymart in the coop and I'd turn it on it's lowest setting about an hour before dark. At the same time I'd move their water and feed into the coop so there was nothing in the run for them to want to stay there. From the first day forward they've been all going in the coop and finding their position on the roosts by the time it gets dark, and I've been going out to lock up and getting a head count before turning the light off and letting them be till morning. At first they complained a bit when I turned the lantern off but now it's just part of the routine and everyone cooperates pretty good.

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Guess what?! I'm sooo happy!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 It was the light! I just wasn't using a strong enough one. I was out there with them tonight and I was shining a stronger light in the coop, and trying to explain to them that it was perfectly safe in there. Lol. Anyway, as I was explaining, they all just started going in! My plan was to actually shut them in there tonight, but I didn't have to. Thanks for all the suggestions you guys! 👍👍👍👍👍🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐓🐔🐤🐔
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And thank you for responding, I really didn't think that any one was actually going to. Thanks again!!
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