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Emdeko Sewing Machine, what is it worth

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My Mom gave me her old Emdeko sewing machine a while back.   It is okay but heavy!!!  I have the manual, cams, zig zag foot and other pedals.  Really I think the tension should be adjusted.  The poor machine was moved from state to state.  I would say the machine is from the late 70's.
So anyone out there have a ballpark on what it is worth?   Just don't know what to do with it, I bought a Brother sewing machine a ways back.  This one fits in it's own case and so much lighter.

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Hrmm.. there aren't a lot for sale, are there? These might give you an idea:,name,5195711,auction_id,auction_details

It sounds like Emdeko was made by Brother or maybe the company was bought by Brother? It is Japanese which is kind of cool.  Kind of an old post, but etsy might be a good place to sell it. I've been drooling all over the old Slant-O-Matics by Singer (made when Singer was a good brand). Most of the older machines are way better than the machines you can buy these days, it is just harder to find the parts.

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Thank You

You did better searching than me, having dial up really tries your patience, lol

I was thinking to just give it to Good Will but maybe I will try a sewing/vaccum place.  Than I will donate it.  It is a good machine just I don't do all that sewing, at least not now.  Watch one day I will wish I had the old machine.

Now the sewing machines they sell at those fabric stores are very confusing (at least for me)  They actually give lessons/classes on how to use them, too much for me.  lol

Thanks again really appreciated it!

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Hi I just saw this post & wanted to reply to tell you that the Emdeko is a great sewing machine!!!  I got mine when my DD was a baby & that was 41 years ago.  I sewed all of her clothes, made pants & shirts for my hubby and made all my clothes back then.  I am still using the machine today for quilting and other sewing.  I have a newer model Singer that is like a piece of plastic and no where compares with my old Emdeko.  I would keep it if you think you will EVER do any sewing.  As long as you keep it oiled and have it maintained every couple of years at your sewing machine repair shop, that machine will give you many years of trouble free sewing.  Mine has anyway!!!  I use the cams sometimes and being heavy is a good thing in a way as the machine won't "walk" all over the place when you sew.  Heck,  I would even buy one to give my daughter if I could find one that had been well maintained!

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I also have a Emdeko machine and would really love to find out the value of it.

The model # is: A21 E10831 and it is in extremely good condition.



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​Greetings from Florida....

Your posting on "EMDEKO" sewing machine brings me back to many great times memories.
It was a super time in my life. I was about 24 years old then around 1965
I started selling them in 1964 in Visalia California for "Jerry Brassfield and Jack Best" worked in

Columbus Ohio and Newark Ohio for EMDEKO it was a great timeI

I made a few great lifetime friends. "Jerry Brassfield and Jack Best", Bill Fink, Wayne Brownlee,

for 3-4 years and Dee Jardine in Jan Jose, Ca.


The original selling price of the Emdeko Sew Machine was (Drum Roll Here) $99.99. I imagine
it is worth around $25.00 now in good shape.  The importer and distributor was located in UTAH and

owned by the following 6 Mormons. I loved my bosses like brothers they were all great people.

I miss them I only know of one that is still alive but myself.

I'd love to hear from anyone that worked for EMDEKO


E asy

M ike

D avid

E ddie

K eith

O wen


James George

I can be reached at: 863-662-8312 Winter Haven FLorida


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