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Swollen crop on chicken

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One of my chickens has a large soft swollen 'sac' above his breast. I've never seen this before and am not sure what to do about it. I'm afraid he may have eaten something bad for him that blocked him up and seems like all his food is just sitting in this 'sac'??? Does that make sense?

He's still eating everything in site and acting normal but this big sac hangs down from his neck/breast like a water balloon.

One of the kids took a styrofoam cooler outside and the chickens ATE IT before I realized it was even out there. Could this have damaged my chicken to cause this sort of issue? I'm at a complete loss as to what to do.

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The sac is the crop. Sounds like either an impacted crop (something hard that's not being broken down) or sour crop (something bad in there that's infecting the crop).
If it's sour crop your hen would usually have bad smelling breath.
Impacted crops often feel hard to touch.

Have a good read of this thread here to see how to help -

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Thanks, I think I've got my plan. Olive oil and a massage.... sounds like the good life. LOL

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Good luck! Let us know how he gets on smile

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I've had this happen to two of my hens before. The first was eating a lot but getting no calories because nothing got past her crop into her digestive system. She got super thin. We didn't know what was happening. It killed her. It was very sad.
The next, the same thing was happening, but she instead of losing tons of weight, was constantly sleeping. You could pick her up, then seconds later she would fall asleep in your arms. The olive oil and massage technique worked. She is still alive today, and she no longer falls asleep like that.
It is probably caused by ingestion of a foreign object.

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Thanks ladies! smile Some olive oil, a massage, and a night without eating seems to be helping. His crop is almost half the size it was yesterday. So I'm very hopeful that he'll be just fine.

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