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I'm looking for a ring neck silky.  I've worked with doves for a while and the one who was my bud passed.  Can anyone tell me where I might get a young bird.....


They do train well..........and have had lot's of luck with asking them to do things on request and having it performed.  They ask for nothing but praise.........and that they get.

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Could you explain this a little better. 

I have silkies and I'm sure going to breed them together.

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I have a goregous & very special violet-neck silkie named Haven. VNs are supposed to have violet on their head & chest with a white ringneck & body. He is unique because in addition to his color mutation, he has 2 tangerine tipped feathers. I asked several breeders about this strange occurrence, & the only explanation I recieved was from John Fowler & he said that he is likely a MM (homozygous) at the mofider locus, but still is clueless about the 2 odd colored feathers. Dawn, (aka dove1111) was very helpful when I emailed her about him & sent his picture, & recommended me to ask John. I'm on the waiting list for one of Dawn's rare pieds, & can't wait for that day to come!!!

Hello, I am in search of silkie doves, any idea where I can find anyone? Thanks for any help.
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go American dove assn, website  start there  call local feed stores

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The silkies I have at work fly..........they aren't the most beautiful fliers...........but they can move if they need to .

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