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Set 20 eggs this morning. I set 60 last time and was expecting about 50% hatch or less since I was using a homemade incubator. 48 hatched and that was way more birds than I was ready for. Never again. Hoping for about 15.

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I had two survivors hatch today. I was worried I'd only have one because only one had hatched before I left for work. The other one was in the process of hatching when I got home tonight. :celebrate


I noticed that the one that hatched this morning has curled toes on his right foot. I''ve been researching and I'm wondering if I could do the band aid shoe or pipe cleaner shoe on a coturnix chick with them being so small. If I do the band aid shoe, will it pull skin when I take it off? The chick still runs around like a madman even with the curled toes, so its not slowing him down any.


Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the good information as I'm about to incubate 48.
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Great information here!

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thanks for all the tips

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Air ventilation is also crucial. Make sure there is airflow within the incubator with the fan that it comes with (with the open ventilation holes). Just keep an eye on humidity when doing this. 

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I set 24 eggs today, whoohoo! :celebrate

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Just set 48 a week ago
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OK so I'm hearing you've all set like 60 and 40 eggs!! I'm getting ready to set 15 that were shipped to me and it is my very first time incubating! I'm scared to death and already a nervous wreck and I don't even set them until tomorrow after they've sat for 24 hours!! I don't know how you all do it!! I've got my temp at 99.5 my humidity is climbing to the 50% mark hoping it all goes smoothly!! Any advice?! I'm trying cortunix quail.
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I got my 1602n with egg turner, fan and Quail rack for $177 from amazon. It's not digital,so you'll need to play with it to get the right temperature and humidity. And every time I opened it to add water, the set temperature would be changed, I had to readjust it. But overall, seems ok so far.

Waiting to see my first hatch in 4 days.
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