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I also let them free range with a protective rooster for seven years with no incident. But this past November a hawk killed of my hens. Traumatized the whole flock who ran off and hid and fortunately came slowly back to roost in the evening. So into the coop they went to stay for the rest of the winter. A neighbour told me hawks are less likely to attack chickens in spring and summer when there is young prey in the fields. So maybe I'll let them out in the spring.
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I did not find your joke very amusing since it is a $12000 Federal fine to shoot a bird of prey.
I understand that there Are laws set forth for a reason but if I catch a bird of prey messing with my chickens I will exterminate him if the federal government wants to protect them they need to come catch them and get them away from here
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That's useful thanks. My hen was killed in her regular dirt bathing area. Now I know why.
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The CDs do help a lot.  Not onle to the flases disturp the haws, bur it brings crows close around, whick also disturbs the hawks.  I also have an owl decoy with a bobble head.  haven't had any hawk problems since doing these things.


Good luck!

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WE have been using bottle rockets here when they sit in a tree but the last week has been awful lost a silkie to an owl and now I think is is called a harrier hawk it was huge and swooped down the girl not 4ft away from me I let a scream and he took off only to circle around and had balls enough to wait in plain view for another try that's when the bottle rocket came into play. This morning I had a red tail and another hawk fight in the back yard and trees. I am start to fell like I am running a buffet. My poor girl and boys want out so bad and so do I it's less coop cleanup. If you get bottle rocket get the ones with the report which means a bang at the end and don't stand to close the object is to have it Bang close to the bird and not behind. but than bang behind worked to as far as making him fly away. But you want to keep them a way. louder is better

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That would constitute 'harassment' and is illegal, by the way.  Confining your flock for a couple of weeks will most likely discourage the hawks, and they will move on.  Have a large enough coop and covered run so you can keep the birds in;  they can be annoyed, but alive!  Silkies are very vulnerable, as they can't see up well, or fly.  Mary

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Mary Thank You for your reply but you are wrong it is not harressment and not illegal to scare them away as a matter fact I looked it up and you can not kill them without a permit but it can be obtained after an application. But bottle rocket or a shoot gun straight up in the air not at the bird is reckamended so as not to kill the bird but to simply scare it from the area . This came right off the page I looked up. Laws for control of hawks and owls in  Illinois.

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Good to know!  Mary

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hi does this really work? hanging cds from the trees. please let me know

thank you

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