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How can you keep track?
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When I got chickens a couple years ago, the children of the breeder named a lilac orpington Oprah Winfrey so I named all the chickens after news or talk show hosts. I had Katie (Couric)  Ellen (Degeneres), Rosie (O'Donnell), Barbara (Walters), etc. 

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Unfortunately, I only have Katie left. The bears ate the others. 

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Loretta layin'
Audrey HenBurn
Eleanor featherfoot,
CinaHen (cinnamom),
BourHen and her twin sister Coke,
Miss Krista (our mean hen she's named after me)
And Foghorn-Leghorn (husband named rooster)

& I just got 4 new ones yesterday that are un-named at this moment, but ones a Leghorn so I may name her miss prissy lol
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Our mamma hen's name was "Red Ironheart" cause she had beautiful red feathers...we have a naughty 😈 roo named, "Chapo 'Chapito' (Guzman) Ironheart", a black hen, "General Ironheart" and her sister a lovely brown hen,"Molasses"! I'm so happy we're not the only to name our Cheekins!!
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We had a Briar Rose but she was a ferret. :-)


My chickens are: Hattie and Blanche.

The new chicks are: Wilma, Ingrid, Lucy, Grimelda, Jolene

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No, I think it's pretty common for people to name their hens.  Several of mine respond to their individual names.  Even our roos have names, but it does make it much harder to process them.


Our daughter went & trained several chickens to do tricks, so now we even have some "pets."


Mom, wife, science teacher, artist, & animal lover



Mom, wife, science teacher, artist, & animal lover

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