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How can you keep track?
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When I got chickens a couple years ago, the children of the breeder named a lilac orpington Oprah Winfrey so I named all the chickens after news or talk show hosts. I had Katie (Couric)  Ellen (Degeneres), Rosie (O'Donnell), Barbara (Walters), etc. 

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Unfortunately, I only have Katie left. The bears ate the others. 

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Loretta layin'
Audrey HenBurn
Eleanor featherfoot,
CinaHen (cinnamom),
BourHen and her twin sister Coke,
Miss Krista (our mean hen she's named after me)
And Foghorn-Leghorn (husband named rooster)

& I just got 4 new ones yesterday that are un-named at this moment, but ones a Leghorn so I may name her miss prissy lol
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Our mamma hen's name was "Red Ironheart" cause she had beautiful red feathers...we have a naughty 😈 roo named, "Chapo 'Chapito' (Guzman) Ironheart", a black hen, "General Ironheart" and her sister a lovely brown hen,"Molasses"! I'm so happy we're not the only to name our Cheekins!!
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