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my chicken threw up?

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OK, my easter egger hen of abut 2 years of age just threw up on me. I picked her up, and her face got red, and she spit a yellowish clear liquid, that lacked any form of solid. Is this regurgitation? Do chickens regurgitate? Is she sick? Please help...

-chickens are awesome

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oh, and she is now eating, and does not seem sick, so....hmm

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Is it possible you squeezed her crop when you picked her up?

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I had this happen when my hubby picked our chicken up the wrong way.....looked like she was being sick just the way you describe

I did have a bit of a panic to start with but she was absolutely fine afterwards so I think he had just pushed too much on her crop

Worse than having kids isn't it!!! hee hee xxx

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thanks,lol yeah, dont know my own strength...well, thats a relief. MAkes sense.
Thanks a bunch.

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