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UH OH i just got 2 from Newtown :thI drove and drove,now I might have to get more lol let me check it out THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU

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I have chickies in Wallingford! 😃 Send me a message or text me if interested. 203-215-9888
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Thanks!! ..... ANYONE heading to the Durham fair... in staying clear of that mess... i live in norhtford my whole life and only gone a handful of times.... ITS WAY TOO CRAZY!!

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Hi everyone i have some serama/cochin/bantam chicks for sale! some are caring the frizzle trait! 

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We stay clear of the Durham Fair - just too busy for us.  We usually head up to the Big E for a couple hours.  It's a little bigger and better parking.

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I felt like a sardine atg the fair when I wentlast... lets see im 32.... lol I think I went last when I was 21?? And I said to my self NEVER AGAIN lol... maybe one day... Yeah Big E is way better

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The Big E sells chickens?

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No but they used to have for viewing but this year for the first time they did not have any live birds. I believe because of the bird flue going around, to be precautious
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That's strange, I thought it was only a problem out west. That's so sad, though. Used to love watching the chicks hatch.

Does anyone know of a act Buy Sell Swap site or group anywhere?
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There is always the fear of it coming over to the East so I think they are just being very cautious. There's a FB site Connecticut Poultry swap and chat. Are you currently looking for chicks? I have some for sale
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