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Originally Posted by HeritageGoose13 View Post

Hello HeritageGoose13,
Last time I checked with the town of Lebanon, Roosters were allowed...and if they're no longer allowed, they've got a lot of ticket-writing and ordinance enforcing to catch up on.

Hens are legal in Norwich. In Canterbury, you may have both hens & roosters. I'm not sure if those are on your map yet. Have a great day!


Here's an updated map, added a few more towns:

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Im looking for laying hens/pullets in CTlet me now, I sell the eggs to so standard size is better THANKS!!




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** FREE ***. 2 Barnevelder cockerels. 20 weeks old, friendly, healthy, just started crowing. Beautiful birds hatched from Fossil Rock Farm eggs. New Hartford area.
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Originally Posted by Galinha View Post

Why do you suspect he has Marek's?  It's my understanding that Marek's usually comes on later than 4 weeks (you said a month).  If no other birds have gotten ill - especially pullets as I had heard they usually succumb more quickly than cockerels - it is probably not Marek's.

he doesn't walk correctly. he wobbles when he walks almost as if he had a broken knee but there is no fracture and its been a couple months and its not getting better 

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This is not directly chicken-related, but I know there are many farmers and organic growers here...


Look at how terrible this is. "Round-up Ready" genetically modified grasses have been developed and may be used soon. Because of a legal loophole there has been no government approval or testing!  In case you don't know, Round-up is a pesticide. "Round-up Ready" crops are GMOs that have been created to endure greater amounts of this pesticide. In other words, they are sprayed with more poison than regular crops. Both round-up and GMOs are banned in most countries.


What will happen when it spreads? What will all the farmers growing organic grass-fed beef and other animals do? Go out of business?


Here is a petition. I see many from our state have signed it! They need just a small amount of signatures left before the end of the year.



The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has created genetically modified Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass as well as genetically modified Roundup Ready Fescue grass and is conducting field trials at the homes of Scotts' employees. Due to a regulatory loophole, there is no US government regulation of GMO grass. These Roundup Ready GMO grasses will increase the usage of the herbicide Roundup in residential, recreational & commercial business settings. There is increasing scientific evidence of the health harms caused by Roundup. Independent peer reviewed studies have found that it is inflammatory, genotoxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, an endocrine disruptor and is linked to male infertility. In addition, in 2010, Monsanto patented glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, as an antibiotic. Roundup is also a known chelator that binds to and draws out important nutrients. Scotts' claim that Roundup is benign is false. 

GMO Roundup Ready grass will result in a further increase in the use of Roundup, which will contaminate our groundwater and drinking water. Imagine your children & pets frolicking around in a sea of herbicidal poison. Because of inevitable contamination, the grass is likely to be eaten by grass grazing animals. There has been no toxicity testing and the potential harm to animals eating this GMO grass is unknown. Will we be saying good-bye to pasture raised meat? Lastly, it is a scientific fact that weeds will evolve to develop resistance to Roundup, leading to ever increasing amounts being applied. 

Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup. The only true benefit of GMO grass is to increase Scotts' sales of Roundup, padding Scotts' & Monsanto's bottom lines at the expense of your health and the environment. We are calling for the BOYCOTT of all Scotts Miracle-Gro products until Scotts eradicates GMO Roundup Ready grass and for Home Depot and Lowes to pledge not to sell it.
Over 200 Peer Reviewed Studies have found health or environmental concerns related to Glyphosate, the "active ingredient" in Roundup


It will not be released if there is backlash. Their goal is to make a profit, not lose money. Please share! So many people are unaware of these things. Why doesn't the news cover it? :somad 

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Has anyone bought feed from pleasant view farms? They are local, in Somers.

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Hey Guys and Gales, I'm in South Eastern CT and looking for some ameraucanas for Christmas for a friend that has chickens and most importantly she takes care of our puppy. Any help TIA


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Originally Posted by HeritageGoose13 View Post

Has anyone bought feed from pleasant view farms? They are local, in Somers.

I haven't yet but plan to try it next time I need feed and scratch. I noticed they sold it at Benedict's in Monroe. Non-gmo but not organic from what I was told. Have you tried it yet? smile.png
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I have not tried them, just wondering what local feed options there are.

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I am looking for young copper marans and Easter Eggers in Connecticut to purchase. Anyone know of someone selling some?
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