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Oh,I know about pen fights...two of my Asil roosters were fighting through the fence and both roosters ended up having bloody faces and one had torn up foot pads from trying to kick the other through the fence...I won't be putting them next to each other anymore,lol. I understand why they fight,but I don't u derstand why the have to fight until one irritates me that they do that,but I guess that's just the breed they are...
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That answered that question. The terminator of thw chicken world
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I thought they MIGHT give it a break after the pecking order was established.
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This should bring some interesting characteristics back into my breeding program
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Three days and counting.
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That's good😊 I hope it matures for you. I will have to post pics if I get any to hatch out...but I tend to have bad I don't know what will happen,hahaha. What colors were the parents of yours? Also,does anyone know what might come from a cross between an Asil rooster and a barred Plymouth rock hen? The rooster I'm breeding with is a spangled Asil. I have a friend who is trying to recreate the malayoid fowl,or gallus giganteus. He is thinking that the barred gene played a role in the malayoid. I told him I would help him,because I just happened to have barred rock hens with no rooster,and I just happened to have some Asil I figured I would give it a shot and see what comes out of the eggs...I'm gonna guess they'll be like a crepe maybe...or be like spangled,except instead of black in the spangling,it will be more of a barred should be interesting,but I would like to see what everyone else thought about what the offspring will probly look like?
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I have no idea what the parents looked like. Im also hatching barrred Ive got some other cross's Im wanting to try out. Keep us posted on your outcomes.
I'm. Having fits with my incubators humidity is way to touchy in my farm inovator. My hovabator wouldn't reach temp. Until i raised the floor 2 inches with styrofoam insulation. Now its working great
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Okie dokie,I will definitely let you all know what happens...idk when the breeding will take place though...probly in the spring I'm guessing. Unless I see the rooster breeding the hens sooner and they are laying...then I will set a hatch. Hoping it works and they turn out interesting. I'm also thinking of using a dark Asil rooster over my barred rock hens...that will probably make more a spangled...possibly a partially barred dark red...idk though what the outcome will be for that either...I'm just going based off of what I've crossed with other breeds and colors...
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Oh,I forgot to mention,I think,that my four eggs in my incubator are set to hatch on the ninth,so I will post pics of those if anything hatches😊
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