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You've got a full plate Cassidy. Take lots of pictures along the way. There will ne people that try and discourage your endeavors. Ignore them. Everything had a beginning. You know what you want, you have a plan. Best of Luck:)
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Thanks😊 I'm gonna post a pic of my lil dc banty. Its only just over a day old. It hatched yesterday morning.
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@Ridgerunner, I may Not get the results I'm looking for with this cross. And its not the only cross That I have But I'm sure the results will be interesting,at least to me:)
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Its cute Cassidy,looks like a light version of my Dark Cornish when they were chicks. The "wild"markings
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How large are your asil?
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I have three rajahs,that I'm pretty sure are reza sized,then I have a pair of reza sized Asil. And then I have a pair of bantams. I will be using my bantams in the cross for my maple forest fowl. My bantam pair consists of a Wheaton rooster and a blue Wheaton hen...more like cockerel and pullet though. I hope to have good results from them...they are Jim Zook stock too. At least the bantams are.
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Sounds like you have a good foundation to start your strain from. Keep posting your results. Im going in a different direction with mine,but it will be very interesting to see how the traits from different crosses integrate with one a other. I getup at 3:45am so this is it for me. Thanks for the input. Everyone's is appreciated.
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Idk what I'm going to cross with first,but I am definitely thinking something along the lines of winter hardy as well as flight,so probably the porcelain duccle pullet I have and my bbr's cubalaya cockerel I have. Then I will go from there probably by adding in my light brown leghorn pullet,just to keep small size,and for the coloring of the chicks. And then,if I lose the beard and ear gifts of the duccle,then I will cross that back in. I'm also looking to buy a pair of three more breeds,white silkie bantam,light Brahma bantam,and wcb polish bantam. I'm looking to have a crest on the bird,though a small one,to help protect the comb for winter. And the polish has cool leg coloring,which if crossed with a yellow legged bird,will create a green legged bird,making the bird blend in that much better with a forest surrounding.
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If you are going for semi feral free ranging fowl the crest might not be a good idea. Polish tend to make good hawk bait around here, they can't keep an eye on the sky as good as non-crested breeds. I found with my feral colony of American game the black ones lasted better than the wild colored ones, the hawks are looking for that wild color, but they see a black chicken and they think crow. Crows are hard to catch and not that great when they are caught. But they are your chickens, if you want them to be purple, you are the one feeding them.

NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
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That's true,but I did take that tought into consideration,and I'm more going for a small crest on the beck of the head,like a cream Legbars. Not a crest like q polish or silkie. And then I did think about the color a little bit,but I figured that the birds were wild enough,then they should be able to survive,and that is what they need to do. But I won't work with the wild part of it until I get it to breed true and become an actual breed,which will take me several years,unless I can magically find the certain crosses I'm looking for.hahaha.
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