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Might try some toppy gamefowl for the crest, it manifests more like the crest you describe and would retain the wild traits and broodiness.

NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
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I just looked those up😂
They look like the crest I'm picturing,except it seems a little smaller than what I'm picturing. I'm looking for something like this
This is a cockerel I used to have who made friends with a cat we had. But if you can see the crest he had,and how it is a little bit bigger, and stands taller than that of the toopy gamefowl,who's crest is more along the lines of tight against the back of the neck.
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Little dark asil pullet I like the looks of.

NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
NPIP Certified Oriental Games and Asil
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I have a hen that looks her similar. Which doesn't surprise me because they're the same breed and same color☺.
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Originally Posted by varidgerunner View Post

If you are going for semi feral free ranging fowl the crest might not be a good idea. Polish tend to make good hawk bait around here, they can't keep an eye on the sky as good as non-crested breeds. I found with my feral colony of American game the black ones lasted better than the wild colored ones, the hawks are looking for that wild color, but they see a black chicken and they think crow. Crows are hard to catch and not that great when they are caught. But they are your chickens, if you want them to be purple, you are the one feeding them.

X2 on the black coloration. I've seen the least amount of night and daytime predation on my feral blacks out of any coloration. You have a great conversation going about your cross ideas. I'd love to see pics along the way. I've also had the pleasure of working with several breeds from Zook's yard and no mater which breed its been, they've all been great birds so you've got a rock solid foundation to start from .
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I do realize that the black coloration would deter hawks,but I am designing them to be a more forest dwelling bird as opposed to an open field type bird. I am trying to get them to fly good,and they will be more of something that doesn't go towards open places as much. I am making them to blend with there environment,and to be kind of flashy. But that is also the reason I'm crossing in cubalaya,is to have a drive to attack predators. As well as the flight,and the gene for a longer tail,to make them kind of stylish,and for the multiple spurs. And the Asil for the aggressive nature,and bravery,as well as to control rooster populations with flocks. And doing so naturally.
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Great project, thats essentially my goal with my ferals too. I have a couple Cubalaya crosses that do very well in this type of environment. I also tried a few RJF Asil crosses this spring that have been doing really well. The chicks could make it up in the trees within the first week.
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What type of environment are they in? Do they experience cold winters? I am really trying to make it cold hardy,because I live in new York,and these last few years have brought us ten to fifteen below.
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Also,I forgot to ask,what all breeds do you have crossed into your feral breed? And is it going to be like a land race,or an actual consistent breed,as in it breeds true. The breeds I'm definitely using in my cross are(beware of the number😂) bbr cubalaya standard,wheaten or blue wheaten Asil bantam,porcelain d'uccle bantam,light brown leghorn bantam,dark Cornish bantam,wheaten OE game bantam,and birchen OE game bantam. I'm using bantam because I want a small sized bird,as in a winter type climate,food will be harder to come by,so they will be eating less,meaning it would be best to have a smaller bird. I may also use Sicilian buttercup bantam too. And if I can manage to get ahold of some,I will also use light Brahma bantams,white silkie bantams,and white crested black polish bantams. I'm looking for a breed with a slight crest,and feathered legs, as well as one that is colorful,stylish,longer tailed,and has ear muffs and a beard with small comb,wattles,and earlobes. It also has to go broody,and be protective. It will be small sized. The roosters will control their own populations through fighting (hence the Asil I'm going use). They will lay small eggs,preferably light brown or cream. I think I've got everything covered,but if I forgot anything,I will post it.
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White Jersey giants, LF Dark Cornish,Plymouth Barred Rocks, Asil,Oshamo, and Slow grow white broilers.
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