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Hahaha,I don't know why I find that funny,but I do. But I think that what we have is Norway rats. I found a pile of rat "pellets" in our basement. Each pellet was probably an inch long,at least. So I'm thinking size wise about cat sized,or small/female cat sized. My friend had a pet rat one time,and it was average sized,about 6-8 inches long for body length,but its pellets were only the size of mike and Ike's,and that was the big pellets. So that is my reasoning for the size. That also tells me that I have a colony of rats,and that the pellets I found were from the alpha rat in the pack/colony. Either that,or master splinter is lurking underground somewhere,hahaha,and his workers are cat sized. But anyway,that would explain why my dog constantly gets fleas,and why me we get bit up by them even when the dog is treated,and it would explain why the cats aren't showing up with dead rats ever,and why they wander to catch prey, even though we always have plenty of mice at home base. Our cats are all outdoor though.
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You can actually identify the type of rat by their pellets. Look it up online. I've killed two the size of cats. I had no idea they got that big are that we had them. They can climb ANYTHING.
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I buy the poison at tractor supply,it comes in a gallon bucket. I throw the bricks under the house and in the attic. When they are gone I put more out. It freaked me out when 4 lbs were gone over night. That's when I found the possum
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Worrying about rats,coons,cats and possums was the reason for moving my broader indoors
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I figured that the black rats don't get very large,only about the size of your average pet store rat,but then the Norway rats get very large,the size of a cat or larger. That is the key,because if I find rat pellet that are that big,that means Ive got a big rat or rats,at which point I can assume I've got norways. I've found dead rats before the size of a football around my house. But only once,and during the winter. It freaked me out too. And just think,a Maine coon cat wouldn't even tough a rat big,let alone think about touching one. And they were bred to hunt big rats. But we don't have Maine coons or any close to that size,even though we have some rather large toms.
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If I was a cat I'd head the other
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I have tried many product, I now use RAMIK Green, it kills rats and mice , the packets are weather resistant rodenticide for indoor and outdoors. Place packets around  your pens (do not open the packets) rats and mice will disappear within 24 hours. I buy mine at a local Feed Store   good Luck Rey..

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Thanks Rey
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I know they can climb anything,I bet they could climb air if they wanted too. We have an outdoor brooder,but its a well built,sturdy brooder. We have to be careful during winter though,but otherwise,the chicks do fine.
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