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Bring eggs through airport security? - Page 2

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Yes, I'm curious as well - would like to know how unhatched eggs were handled (both if carried on and checked with luggage) now that it's 2015.  Thanks!

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Had no problem up to 6 years ago, with one trip going through Xrays five times with stopovers, the routing--transfer/connections, in my hand luggage. under the seat--100% hatches every time.     Checked luggage is likely to be missandled for successful hatches.   Now?  Would take the chance that eggs would still hatch.

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Would this work for taking ut from Los Angeles to Mexico? Mom has been toying with the idea of taking a couple to hatch there.
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I just cleared security with two dozen of my eggs (not fertile). There was extra bag screen but no issues-just a few smiling TSA agents.
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