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No, Rock Creek has an HOA that states only cats and dogs for noncommercial purposes. That's why I am curious if the other Rock Creek resident got permission.

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Does anyone know of how I can get rid of my neighbors rooster? I live outside of city limits a little past Bryant Farms off the 111N, my neighbors have chickens and two roosters the chickens I don’t mind it is the roosters that I have a problem with. The rooster go off at all hours of the morning meaning like 2 or 3 am and sometimes in the morning it starts at 4 am and won’t stop until like 7 am. I already have sleep issues and “taking out the rooster is not the right thing told but it crosses my mind every day several times a day. I have told them that the rooster does go off and it bothers me and my husband we are military and getting an early wake up call isn’t cool. I am having twins in two months and I am worried it will wake the babies up. I have told the owner that the rooster bothers me and is loud at all hours I would not mind the rooster if it only went off when the sun went up. The coup is closer to our side of the of out bedroom window so it sounds like the rooster is right on the window sill, please help I am slowly loosing my animal loving mind. I don’t think asking them to move the coup would work either because there is a neighbor on the other side too. I can’t get the city to ordinance because we are outside of city limits so they are considered pets and I seriously don’t want to get the sheriff involved.

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There's not really anything you can legally do. My suggestion would be to ask if they'd consider putting a collar on them. A simple Velcro collar can totally muffle it. It prevents them from fully being able to puff up, but is still humane and does not hurt them. They make special collars for it, expensive, or they can make their own with Velcro cable bundles. If they can't figure it out, have them message me.

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Yay! About to move back to Jacksonville, glad I will be able to keep my sweet hen!
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I am new to this idea of having pet chickens. We are considering buying a house in Jacksonville, NC around the Henderson/Gumbranch Road area. We are curious if there are any laws I need to know about. My desire is to have about four chickens for eggs and as pets. Any help would be beneficial. After reading these previous post I wonder if we can have chickens as pets in the city limits.
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