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Hi! My chicken, Lydia has the same problem and her little poo-poos look like yogurt too. If anyone knows why she has this problem please respond!!

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Hey there, for others who are having specific issues I'm sorry but I can't help there, I'm pretty new to this too. But I wanted to leave a note and say that this is really helpful for me -- we have one chicken who has been having problems lately. She just suddenly couldn't walk. At first we thought it was Marek's disease but for one, my husband remembered that there was a loud squawk in their coop the night before she suddenly couldn't walk, and for another she's been walking really well the last day and it's only been two days that she wasn't walking well. We are hoping she just fell off of her roost or sprained her leg somehow.


Long story short (too late?) because we thought it was Marerk's, she's been in isolation in a smaller cage and my husband noticed this huge lump on her chest. I think this thread answered it -- the lump has been there for at least 24 hours but it's soft and she hasn't had anything to do in her small isolation cage other than eat and drink, so my guess is that her crop is just really full from her having nothing to do other than sleep, eat and drink. We are going to take away her food tonight and give it back to her tomorrow in the late morning, and see if that helps.


FYI we are going to keep her in isolation a bit longer until we are sure it was just a sprain. Still could be Marek's but we are really hopeful. My understanding too is that if it's Marek's our other girls are already contaminated, but it sounds like isolation is always a good first reaction when you're not sure.

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This has been so helpful and a big relief as your photos look exactly like how my chickens look after free ranging and I was really worried about 2 of them as they had the same egg shape....thanks for the photos you have helped ease my mind. I will keep an eye out for impacted crop but I think they are just full. They seem happy and laying well. Thanks again!

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Is this normal in chicks as well I found this huge bump as well! It's three weeks old and I'm treating his legs their in splints I don't feel anything wrong he's pooping and peeing and eating so. Here's a pic it's on the right side of the chick
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I have just found a big lump or right side of one of my chicken Millie, they are all point of lay but Millie has been the first to give me an egg and another and then the third and fourth were double yolkers - Shes a good girl! But her crop is huge, although she is a bbig bird too, It is roosting time, so I will not panick and check in the morning like you have all advised others! Again thank you all for your help and expertise.:thumbsup

post #16 of 21 to the rescue again!  I was concerned about my hen's large lump on her chest as well and, as usual, this site has been very helpful! Thanks everyone!

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I was so glad to see this post! I just noticed my chicken with this lump this evening. I'll be more observant of her for a few days just to ensure its not a health issue. I love this group!! Very informative, helpful, and generous with ideas and suggestions!! Thank you...I'm still trying to figure some things out 😀
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Hi, I have a 3 to 4 month old silkie mix and I noticed she had a large growth on her right side in between her wing and chest towards the top and there is no feathers there.. Can ya'll help me??
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I have a golden comet ,that has a large crop. it has been this way for several weeks. She seems to be healthy. After reading all the comments I think I will try the bread soaked in olive oil with massage and see if it goes down. I have 20 ladies and she is the only one with this problem. I wonder if it will always be like this with her.

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I have a pullet with a lump on the right side of her chest but it's also losing feathers on the lump. Is that worrisome?
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