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What do you think it is then? Got as a week old with what I think is a polish silkie cross
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Yeah I'd say roo, but I don't know.






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Hey, y'all. Our chickie is now 8 wks old. Is she a he? [IMG]
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5 weeks old

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I have no idea what sex this silkie is always thought that he/she was a roo until that is that my roos have been dancing and attempting to step on her/him!

She/he is about 5-6 months old.
I haven't heard it crow and it hasn't laid an egg.
When she/he clucks it sounds like my silkie hens

My silkie roo has tried stepping on her/him and I thought that she/he was going to die today my STANDARD brahma tried stepping on him/her, luckily my silkie roo went to go save him/her from the brahma.

I was surprised when my tiny silkie roo knocked my brahma on his back. Even more surprisingly my silkie was winning! big_smile.png

His/her name is circles because if you corner her/him or get to close she/he will begin to spin in circles around you! He/she has done that since he/she began to walk!! lol.png

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Ok, hatched 9/20 so 3 months old. What do you all think?

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Originally Posted by smulligan08 View Post

Ok, hatched 9/20 so 3 months old. What do you all think?

I think it's a pullet
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I was thinking pullet also. I am so in love with this one.
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I agree it's so beautiful
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pretty sure its a pullet, she has a round tophat

what do you guys think?

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