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Just want to post some pics if my 5 new babies. The light partridge-looking one Im almost positive is 100% silkie. The others *might* only be 3/4 silkie and 1/4 barred rock. Anyway... Enjoy!

Heres all of my adults:
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Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a white Silkies for my sister. Any ideas close to Gilroy, CA?
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Where can I find 2 or 3 silkies?
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I'm not sure where Gilroy is, but you could Google Sheri Minkner. She's in CA and has gorgeous Silkies and Sizzles smile.png
*C'mon, get flappy!*
*C'mon, get flappy!*
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Where are you located?
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Can anyone tell if these are pullets or cockerels? Sorry it's not the best video.
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I have a few silkies I would love some input on. I'll put each chick in a seperate post. Thanks

Hatched 23rd January.

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These two I am putting together as thy look very similar, although one is quite allot smaller. They both hatched Feb 1st. Thanks!

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Any help?

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Originally Posted by mchlldickson View Post

Any help?

Looks a little you to me I'd give it at least a week and ask again. How old is it?
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