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Rach123, thank I hope so too! I havent really gotten into show so im sure on the standards, would be nice to know though!


It doesn't appear on the Dutch Bantam Club of Great Britain's website :( I'm surprised Isabella is though!

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I only have one pair of Dutch Bantams ,and they are both orange , with a little cream color underneath . I don't know what the technical name for that color is , but they are orange .

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I just found them , on the breed standards page .They are called Buff Columbian ,and are a non standard color .

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I think that these must be difficult to hatch.  I got two dozen spaced about a week apart.  The first batch only one hatched and it was blind. It only lived for a few days, then succumbed because it couldn't find the water.  I kept bringing it over and dipping its beak and finally when I saw it was not drinking at all I gave it tiny drops from a 1/2 ounce squeeze bottle. Needless to say it would not eat even though I was doing as the mother hen does showing it how to eat and it was exposed to another chick (Serama).  The other dozen I finally threw away today because 9 never developed and 3 had partially developed and died within the shell. So frustrating and sad. I know the incubator environment was ideal the entire time because I had two Serama chicks that hatched and they are notoriously difficult. I had ideal temp and humidity readings the entire time. The seller was on Ebay and he sells them all the time, and I thought of telling him what happened but I don't want him to think that I want some kind of refund as I know that egg sellers hate that. I know it could be the shipping but they arrived so quickly and in perfect shape, packed very well. 

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