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Tetroxy HCA 280

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Does anyone know the dosing of Tetroxy powder to a gallon of water?

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The closest I could find is 1-1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for the 400-800mg treatment level in treating air sac infection caused by MG/MS and E Coli. Mix a fresh solution daily. Administer 7-14 days, not to be used more than 14 consecutive days. It must be the sole source of water for chickens to drink. There is no withdrawal.

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I only need to treat two two week old chicks how much do I put in there wáter?
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This package weighs 280 grams

Package contains 102.4 grams oxytetracycline


102.4 /  280 = 0.37 , which means that it's 37% oxytetracycline and 63% filler

370 mg per gram

One teaspoon probably weighs 3 grams, so it's 3 x 370mg = 1110 mg per teaspoon

The 800 mg dose for one gallon = ~3/4 teaspoons



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