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So sorry for your loss hugs

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i know this is really old, but i have an Ameracauna that has scissor beak, its not extreme but bad enough that it has made it difficult for her to get up to a good weight, it has been really cold here the last few nights and today i found her laying on the coop floor. i have a heat lamp on her in our unheated breezeway with water with electrolytes and food. she has drank a lot since i brought her in and ate a little too, but she is now standing directly under the heat lamp. is there anything else i can do to help her survive the winter if she makes it through this? maybe a heat lamp in the coop?

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I would bring her inside to keep warm, get her to eat and drink well for a few days to build her strength, and then try to put her back out in the coop with a heat lamp for a few days. Feed her some vitamins with electrolytes in her water, some probiotics or a little plain yogurt in her feed, and add some egg, tuna, or liver to her normal feed. Adding water to the feed to make it soupy may make  her eat more of it. Using a high sided bowl containing her food along with wetting the food may make it easier for her to eat all the time. She also might benefit from having her beak trimmed. The Chicken has a good article on scissors beak chickens and beak trimming.

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thank you! i did give her some electrolytes and i also often wet her food to make it easier for her to eat and we trimmed her beak about a week ago but i will def check that article out!

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just an update... she fully recovered! full of spunk just like before. thanks for your advice!

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Good to hear, and thanks for the update.

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