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I work a small hobby farm in Dalton, Georgia, but we won't have chicks available for pick-up until March of 2012.  We start shipping in April.  If you don't find something beforehand, check out our website and see if we carry something you may be interested in.  I plan to update our pictures with our current flocks before the end of the year.  Good luck in your search.

Lisa Taylor
Taylor Hobby Farms


Lisa Taylor
Taylor Hobby Farms

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I hatched two chickens a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I lost one yesterday. The one left behind was crying and looking everywhere to find his partner, and refused to eat and drink. I am heart broken and look around to find a chicken to be his companion. Do you happen have a chicken for sale? If you do not have extra chicken for sale, may I place my little thing to stay with yours for sometime until I hatch another batch?





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Do you have any 1-3 month old chicks for sale and do you feed them organic feed?  And, how far are you from Roswell?  Thanks for your help. Karol

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Hi, I live in Lithonia and have a few juvenile chickens. The Gold Laced Waynedottes are 17 weeks old and the Millie Fleur D'uccles are 5 months old. I might consider selling a couple of my layers. You can contact me at if you are still interested.

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I am looking to buy 2-3 baby chicks for easter. I need them before the 1st. 

Can anyone help me find some in my area?

I live in west Marietta, GA

my email is


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I live in Macon and am working on setting up a chicken operation here. Have two 48 egg incubators and will be setting up a chic raising room with proper heat for each week of their life. Looking for chics I can locally (under 200 miles) buy and pick up in person during this fall & winter. Also need a laying Silkie hen to go with my little guy I'm training to sit on my shoulder. Have RIR but welcome to other breeds. Want to be able to sell adult live birds locally, don't have the heart to slaughter a bird, try to sell them for eggs not meat. A rooster was staring at me at a local market, sold by another dealer, told him "Sorry guy, your goose is cooked".
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I know of a woman on Craigslist that I am warning you to stay away from! Avoid her, in my opinion! Her name is Ann. She lives and sells out of her house at 5710 Sourwood Rd, Cumming, GA 30040. Again, I found her through Craigslist. She seems pleasant when you pay her prices and when there is no conflict involved. She was awful to deal with when resolving a conflict. I had to hear a discriminatory remarks from her, phone hanging…  I ended up paying $75 for 1 day old baby chick, as a result of dealing with her. Again, if you just pay her prices -  pleasant. Zero business sense and ability to resolve a conflict situation.  I believe she lied and mislead me.

Your experience might be different, but there is a chance you will end up in my shoes when buying from her!

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Want to buy about 7 to 10 Copper Marans

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