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I think I said it b4 but he really needs to be in the freezer............alive or dead LOL, he is a naughty roo and I had 4 of them Bo roo's all mean, hatchery rooster must be bad...... It is genetic no matter what anyone says, I had the same problem with my Speckled sussex roosters, 9 meanies all went to freezer camp, several other ppl were having the same issues....... it's the roosters in the hatchery.
I have a wonderful Delaware roo, nice as can be can do anything with him and all of his babies are the same, docile from birth to adult, even my Crosses seem to get his temperament.
My EE's too are wonderful, not a mean bone in there body. I wish I was closer to ya I have some gorgeous babies this year on Craigs list 4 sale. .Good protectors, and nice easy to work with boys, I trim nails and spurs, check for bugs or worms, all of them eat outa your hand without eating it............. seriously great roos are a dime A dozen, just tell your hubby either he goes or you do.....I'll bet he gets the job done then............ Kim

4 Crazy kids, 3 crazy horses,  2 lazy dogs, 2 hyper puppies, 2 fat kitties , and 33 mixed up choocks

 Missing my Bugsy Whugsy..... best Boxer in the whole world!!!


4 Crazy kids, 3 crazy horses,  2 lazy dogs, 2 hyper puppies, 2 fat kitties , and 33 mixed up choocks

 Missing my Bugsy Whugsy..... best Boxer in the whole world!!!

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Guess I should have updated. Sorry! We did butcher him, and he made a fine rooster noodle soup. Since then we've had to dispatch another pair. Good news, I do have a good roo now, a Silver Spangled Hamburg that doesn't want to be anywhere near us unless I've got treats. I don't want to cross him with my hens, but he sure is pretty and has a nice, unobtrusive crow. All is well. smile.png
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I have 2 Roos, one is clearly the king of the coop. He doesn't mess with me but does attack my young daughter. He runs from me but I still chase him sometimes to make sure he knows to stay away from me or else . Not sure if this is doing anything but he knows who is boss I think.
Even if my daughter has a stick the rooster will attack her, seems wierd .
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I'd eat him. Your daughters eyes aren't worth his living. Only takes one lucky hit to have a tragedy. 

Good roosters don't attack. None of the ones I have now even thinks about it. Little kids can pick them up and get nothing but some curious clucking of "where's my treat?" 

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We recently got a rooster that's very aggressive.  He stalks me down, runs back and forth in front of me and rushes in to attack the moment I turn my back.  He's also sneaky and pretends he's eating just to get close enough to me to launch a sneak attack.  I hate the little monster. My husband has held him down and all that; he still attacks him. I carried mace out with me one day to keep him off me. When he attacked me, I sprayed him in the face with it twice and it didn't phase him. He shook his head once or twice, like he did when I tried spraying him with the hose, and came after me with even more of a vengeance. I think it's impossible to rehabilitate these little creeps.  My advice is to try holding him down and if that doesn't work, get rid of him.

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