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Originally Posted by sdm111 View Post

This hen acts Broody with attitude all the time. I really like her

I got one with chicks now but acts the same way. She always wants to peck me when I feed her. Now with chicks she just runs up my leg. I just let her go and ignore her. But she gets me at least twice a day. Kinda of a lightweight compared to getting lit up by friendly black.
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My ruble hen with chicks whoops every hen on the yard but is the exact opposite with me. Let's me pick up her chicks with no issue and follows me around the yard trying to pick the goodies out of the feed.
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Oh boy, Ima show my ignorance...


What is an American game foul, as opposed to a chicken? 

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American gamefowl are breeds of chickens bred specifically for fighting

Let me clarify, were bred specifically for fighting
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Originally Posted by lmljsl View Post

Would anyone care to share advice on how to cull/select young birds?  I understand the obvious things, such as obvious health issues, but I have a difficult time sorting through younger chicks/juveniles.  I am just not really confident I will pick the best birds when they look young and healthy.  The problem is there just isn't enough room to keep them all.  Thanks!
A fine cigar, a few cups of coffee and many hours watching them.
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Originally Posted by roosterhavoc View Post

A fine cigar, a few cups of coffee and many hours watching them.

Haha.  The coffee sounds good, but I am not one for cigars.  What are you watching for Havoc?  I do the same thing and I know there are little things that help sort them out, but it can be tough for me when they are pigeon sized.  

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Nice birds everyone.


I have a few questions based on reading stuff... :caf


Pullets take after their father and Stags after the hen. 


Line breeding produces smaller birds.


Pea Comb Cock to Straight Comb Hen = most stags Straight Combed, most pullets Pea Comb: Straight Comb Cock to Pea Comb Hen = most stags Pea Comb and most pullets Straight Comb.


Leg color and behavior links? I read a bit on this and I am wondering if it is like ear color and egg color not really linked directly but human created breeding linkage or if there is an actual link?


Have you all found any of this to be true or partially true?


I thought on the math of breeding DNA recombination which is complex with how the chains break and recombine, but in it's most basic form (which will give unreliable results probably) I had this thought:


Roosters are ZZ and Hens ZW so an unrelated or distantly related breeding pair could only pass the Hens W info 100% but the Z info would have possibilities X3 in this new hypothetical line thus genes from Z(1) or Z(2) from the rooster and Z(3) from the hen could be passed, the hen could only pass Z(3) genes to her sons but the rooster could pass the genes of either Z(1) or Z(2) to both his sons and daughters... keep in mind the chains break and recombine not necessarily whole from my understanding of all the bang the head on the wall :he reading I have done... but math wise it looks like 50% influence by hen on her sons, and 100% as far as female W to her daughters, but the sire bird also contributes 50% to both stag & pullet chicks.


So it seems to me though in the F1 mating you have 3 sets of male genes to balance out/ sort out and stabilize in the future breedings of progeny... which then gets us into all the breeding schemes. 


So I guess what I am asking what breeding systems/theories seem to help stabilize a line or specific genetic factors you wish to preserve in a line?


I know folks develop Hen and Rooster Lines but I do not really understand what people are going for in doing this probably because goals very a bit between breeders.


I hope my questions make sense. 

May your birds always make you smile. 
May your birds always make you smile. 
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To me breeding is what I think would one up the other bird. There's more to it but that's simplest terms. Some people breed by books and whatever comes out comes out, I don't do that. I don't look at the on paper characteristics just what I see. Pures are pretty much the same just with the same breed.

If any of that makes since?
Guess I'm just simple
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U can have 2 families of the same breed that fight different cause some where down the line someone infused something to try to make them better to put their stamp on them
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Like it'll look pure but not act as the opponents assume they will

And I'll shut up now lol
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