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Looking nice!


So I was doing some reading to understand why your blues do not follow the typical color ratio.  The best I can figure out is that standard tables are based on "pure" blue strains without "interference" from other colors.  Based on the coloring in the male you show above, my guess would be Red is involved in the interference as well as who knows how many other colors.  White can also influence the expression of Blue.  Since there are so many patterns I have seen in the pics of your birds, it may be pretty hard to sort out a good predictable pattern.  Interestingly, I see the red ticks of color in the splash and blue female I have too.

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Thanks for the info. In all my reading and talking to old cockers I can't find out what they are made of. The oldest man I was shipping his granddaughter or great granddaughter some eggs for his 80th or 85th or so birthday after when I talked to him said he went up against the Lloyd miners " a very long time ago " and he said they were mostly white with the black streaks but not a lot just a streak here and there. Up in Oklahoma. Another said there's two lines of Lloyd miners, one white line (mine), and a line that had hatch crossed into it. The hatch crossing came later and today you see a miner that's like mine and a miner line that looks like a hatch in color but instead of black those parts are blue and usually lemon or red hackle. That info came from an old gentleman in Texas that swears he knows the splash from long ago. Now that's all hearsay so take it for what it's worth. But as far as concrete on paper info haven't found any. To me its like they dropped off the face off the earth in the 60's or so and popped up a few yrs ago in a man's yard in Mississippi
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I know one thing they're sure different than the other breeds I've had. They hatch all color and markings of chicks but never look like another set breed except maybe a black fowl
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Flypen is pretty knowledgeable on origins maybe he knows something
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I think the variety is part of what interests me most in the blues.  I remember you saying that they change colors as they mature.  In some of the reading I did, the authors mentioned adult fowl changing color from one year to the next although it was rare.


If I remember correctly, some of the old photographs I saw labels as blues looked more pyle to me.  They were light colored birds overall with some red in them.

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Yeah change not to the extreme of black to white but lighter and darker shades, and more or less striping. Golds or reds coming in after a year or so. To me the most transformation is around 8to12 months old whatever molt that would be. And a more suttle one around two years where I've seen hackles or saddle turn gold. My oldest splash cock seems to be changing to less coloration
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My bad the top and middle is same age
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Those are young to old pics of the same birds
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