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Yes if you go online they have dog shock collars so once you do it once you won't have to do it again it doesn't hurt them but it will make them not want to do it it's worth it. Therese

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Ban them from the kitchen. I used a shock collar, nothing else was working. (I got my dogs as adults and as far and I could tell, previous owners did nothing with them so I had a lot of bad habits to untrain).


Try not to give mixed signals. I'm the bad guy the one who trains and corrects and my lab will run to my husband cause she knows he's nice to her. Right now we have a problem with cause one of my cats is being fed separately from the others and this is being done in my husband's bathroom. And because the lab is allowed in that room she will sneak into the bathroom and finish off the cat food . I've corrected her twice and now she's confined to the den. I tell him not to let the dogs in his room and I tell him not to get down on the floor and snuggle with them and be their friends cause that's giving mixed signals.

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