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I thought I'd post here too! We just moved to a small acreage near St. Genevieve, a few miles north of Ste Anne. We have some eggs incubating right now although the thermometer on the incubator broke and the eggs likely won't hatch :( So we might be looking for eggs at the end of the week. We're hoping to do blue and/or green eggs! But I keep seeing all these other beautiful birds and pretty eggs. A friend of mine was talking about gold laced wyandottes and I looked them up and gosh are they beautiful!!!

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Welcome! I am out NW of Brandon. There is an ad on posted by someone with silver & gold laced Wyandottes. I think he is asking $10/chick. You will find it in the Classifieds>pets & animals>livestock>poultry section.
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Our Black Australorps on the way home, 11 days old.
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Very cute, Monterey!
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Yes, very nice! It brought a smile to my face. Fuzzy chicks are wonderful.
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Thank-you! Yes, they sure are cute! Eating me out of house and home already! Lost one, still have 18 good ones. Hopefully lots of pullets!
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Does anyone have any  of the following  available:?


 1) a Rhode Island Red chick (pullet)


2) a Wyandotte chick (pullet) order of preference:

                                                                        Blue laced Red Wyandotte

                                                                        Columbian Wyandotte

                                                                        Silver Wyandotte

                                                                        Golden Laced Wyandotte


3) a Barred Plymouth Rock chick (pullet)


4) a pair  Welsummer chicks a (pullet & a roo)



We are still trying to build our flock and any help is sincerely appreciated.

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I am from the Winkler area and looking for Maran's. I would like to have the ones that lay the chocolate brown eggs. Chicks would be prefered but I would consider hens.
I have buff Orpington s and would look lovely to add the dark eggs to my egg basket.
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I have some French Black and Blue Copper Marans, but we are having quite the time getting the eggs. They have taken to eating them we think. They are finally taking to out roll away nest box, but it needs a bit more tweaking.

They are very calm and friendly birds in our experience.

We got ours from Calgary.
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I and a friend are looking for some Black Jersey Giants. Anyone here know of a Canadian source?
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