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I had FBC Marans. They came from Early Bird Farm at Ericksdale, MB.
Monkman Poultry at Lundar, MB has Jersey Giants on his poultry menu.
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Monkman Poultry also has Marans.
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Do you have contact information? I did a search, but did not find them.
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I have blue JGs. I have had them for a yr. In my limited experience with them, they are a very docile breed. My other roosters ran my JG roo off so he started living living in a different out building with 4 hens. Then I added 4 JG hens and an EE rooster joined them. These 10 birds have created their own little flock. My JG roo is the biggest bird I have but he avoids any confrontation and prefers to run away. The hens go broody often so laying is not fantastic.
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Last year Berg's offered Black JG chicks for sale. Not sure if they did this year.
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Berg's is not offering them this year.
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I could ask my friend if blue is okay. It would be fine with me. Would you consider hatching them pure? How much would you want for them as well? You could email me if you don't want to post publically. wink.png
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Originally Posted by niglefritz View Post

I have some French Black and Blue Copper Marans, but we are having quite the time getting the eggs.
They have taken to eating them we think.
They are finally taking to out roll away nest box, but it needs a bit more tweaking.

They are very calm and friendly birds in our experience.

We got ours from Calgary.

I had some egg eaters too...what worked for me is....,in the regular boxes make sure they always have a lot of straw, sometimes the eggs break on the bounce if they are a standing layer and they can't help but peak it open. Second I add colored golf balls to the nests, when they peak it and it doesn't open they start to give up.

If you do start to get eggs let me know, I might still be interested
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JUST Farms...thanks. I will keep you in mind.
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