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Nice. Chicks or grown birds?
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we decided on chicks, I don't really want a rooster yet as this is our first batch of chickens!!!is all the crazy temperature requirements for them really that critical ? I'm scared I'm going to cook them😏
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Chicks need to be kept warm. They cant regulate their temp until they are older and feathered. I have had chicks in the house for a month when I hatched in March. You wont cook them. All I use in the brooder are 2 clipon reading lights. 1 with a 40 watt white bulb and 1 with a 25 watt red bulb. It seems to work. Chicks are very cold sensitive. I pick up my Bergs Cornish Xs on June 4th. My first time with meat chickens!
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So if I also getting my chicks June 4 ! Can I have them in the coop in a brooder box with a heat lamp right away? They will have a more consistent temp out there as we turn on the ac in the house at night.
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Yes they can go right into the brooder. I dont think my brooder is big enough so my chicks are going into a stall in my coop. Might have to have 2 lamps. And make sure the gate doesnt have any escape holes.
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We had planned on using sand in our coop but have since read that in the winter (-35)here it will be too cold. We have straw bales but that sounds messy.... What should we use??? Our coop is 8x8 .
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I use straw bales. Deep liter method. I clean it when I can in the winter. During those times when it gets close to 0. It gets messy cuz I have ducks and geese. It is alot of work in the spring. Not sure about using sand.
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Hi fellow Manitobans! I am from NW of Brandon. I am looking for a red sussex or speckled sussex rooster and also a couple of Cayuga (Duck) hens. Anyone know of any in MB?
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Hi, just joined today. We just moved from Winnipeg to an acreage at McCreary, between Neepawa and Dauphin, and want to start a flock of Wyandottes.
I have raised Black Javas, Plymouth Barred Rocks, RIR's, Delawares...hatched with hoverbators and hens
Will consider a rooster and a few hens, day old chicks, or hatching eggs.
Also open to working out some kind of deal like exchanging no money and giving you back double or triple the stock in 1 year
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Welcome to rural Manitoba!
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