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Great questions !


Well my answer is that it all depends ...   if you have a nice run and let out the coop into a run each and every day (or free range or have a netted area) then you can squeeze even more in a small one.    If they have to EVER spend a whole day in that coop - then you are at about maximum now.   I squish - or rather they squish themselves - into the large coop each night and seem very happy to be all squashed - but I let them out nearly at first light and come out once it is dark and close the door for safety's sake.   


Hope that answer helped !

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I would go with the larger is much bigger and worth the extra price, just incase you come across more chickens someday.

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I have the large sized snaplock with 5 white plymouth rock hens. I have it inside a large run and I let the girls out to roam the yard during the day. I'm very happy with the coop.
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I just purchased the large snap lock coop and would like to add a small window or two, for bad winter weather days the girls may not be allowed outside. Anyone ever added a window? I don't want to compromise the structure.
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I have two large ones. I'm thinking you could make one of the nesting box lids out of plexiglass. Then you wouldn't have to cut anything. You would just have to attach it some how.
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Very clever idea! I'll look into that. I looked at so many coops and the all seemed to either have decent ventilation or a window, but not both. So I chose the coop with the ventilation and that seemed the best varmint proof! I was worried I wouldn't have skill to build one and I wanted something I could take with me if/when I move. Thank you for the suggestion! And BTW, you're set-up looks similar to what I'm going for!
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Yes, they are expensive but I just washed them down for the first time since I got them and they are literally no maintenance. I can move them myself of needed since the large one only weighs 60 lbs. I've expanded the run to twice the size. Glad I did, since the hens dont like snow.
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Yeah I'm hoping to get my coop put together by this weekend. I'll assemble the run around it, with extra hardware cloth buried at the bottom. I get my 4 chicks from the farm store on Thursday, hopefully. My first time chickens since I was a kid! So I have some time to get everything set up!
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I did it!
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