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red jungle fowl

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my neighbor had a red jungle fowl rooster that would wonder in my yard and beg for hand outs, stupid SOB got hit by lightning because he roosted under the neighbors metal roof shed.
So how do you raise them are red junglefowl harder or easier to raise then other types of chickens; do they act the same?   
Can you have 2 roosters and 20 hens and they all sleep happy in a coop or are they more wild and care more about who gives the most hand outs and being more wild? 
the local feed store has red jungle fowl chicks in the spring

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I haven't ever raised Jungle Fowl, But I do raise Shamo and the Stags NEED to be separated from other males. They will often fight to the death to become the Dominate Rooster. The chicks at the feed store are most likely from a hatchery and they might do fine. Also if you introduce new females to a flock they might fight. The Oriental Breeds can be aggressive towards other chickens but are usually friendly towards people.(Kids included).


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