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Hi everyone! From Bemidji here! Going to start off with some chicks soon. I'm super excited. I have raised ducks from eggs and loved every minute of it so I'm excited for this new adventure! Does anyone know of the city ordinances for chickens in Bemidji? Is there even any? Also, any suggestions for good beginner breeds? I'm up for layers or more ornamental. Either works. Just want some good chickens. They will be living with 6 red hens, 2 Wyandottes, and 2 silkies.
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HI Eunderth


Welcome to BYC.


There are a couple thread with the name Minnesota! on them. You picked the one that is seldom used.


Click on this  it will get you to the right thread.


We have a very active thread.  I don't know the answers to your questions but someone there will.

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Elk river here!
Mother of 3 humans and 8 feathered babies.
Mother of 3 humans and 8 feathered babies.
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im in lakeville   we got 15 chickens and ended up with 2 roosters   need a home for one   

two is too many for our hens


i was going to give them all away at one point but i couldnt part with them.  but the rooster has to

go for their sake.  they are getting depressed have 2 .  

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Welcome, we have kind of migrated out of this thread...



We have moved too:





Come on over and join us.

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Rochester Mn
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Rochester Mn



Welcome to BYC..


Join us at  We moved from here,

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