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Hamilton Ontario - backyard hen by-laws

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum, though I have read lots here in passing over the last while.


In Hamilton Ontario, hens have been banned, however, there is motion to bring about change to the bylaws, and a lot of people are getting on board.


I am really hoping we can get things changed, so that I can continue to bring my family closer to self-sustainability.


If you have time, please check out our petition, and read an article from our local paper.


The petition to city council:



The article that has got people motivated:



thanks for your time, and I hope I can eventually be an fully active participant in your forum!



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Hamilton City Council voted on Wednesday to allow the study of chickens in backyards.


So we're moving forward in a positive light.


We have got a bunch of people together too..




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we are working towards the lift of the ban on chickens in Toronto --- it would be good to share info as both hamilton and toronto work towards the same goal --- who would the group (Toronto Chickens) contact in Hamilton to do so?  Do you have an email address or telephone number?

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Hi there... we can be reached a few ways.



Myself Jeremy (remove space)


Teresa - Teresa (remove space)

or generic email webmaster (remove space)


our facebook group is where we post upcoming info and such, and can be reached that way as well.






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Hi Jeremy

Toronto chickens sent out a press release to all media ( not just local ) supporting this on a Federal government level, perhaps Hamilton chicken group could throw their support behind Mr. Hughs by sending out your own.

We hope this will help our fight as well.

Best of luck.




Toronto Chickens Supports Charter Challenge in Upcoming Court Case
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The working group of backyard chicken owners in Toronto, Toronto Chickens, fully endorses the upcoming Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge that has been undertaken by Calgarian Paul Hughes.
Mr. Hughes’ court case is set for March 5, 2012 and will be a game changer for those in the urban food movement. He is challenging his city’s bylaws that disallow the possession of urban chickens in Calgary. As a group that is working to change Toronto's bylaw so that urban hens will be allowed again in the city, Toronto Chickens will monitor the course of this upcoming trial very closely.
We call upon Toronto city councilors and city bylaw officers to suspend enforcement of the chicken bylaw until the results of this case are determined. This court trial challenges the federal Charter of Human Rights and therefore will impact all Canadians and override any municipal rulings.
For further information contact:


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Just joined.  I am in London Ontario.  I am hoping things change here too.  Right now the bylaw bans raising chickens in the city of London.  This needs to change!  I don't have the slightest idea of how to change this or the time to do much in the way of protesting but I am willing to go against the bylaw and raise chickens anyhow. 


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